Small Towns

Today, we (we being Rob and I) ventured half an hour out of our student infested town that goes by the name of Shelton. What we found was a town that looked looked like it hadn’t been touched in fifty years, apart from the pension homes of course. The residents weren’t too on track either; we noticed this when a seriously sketchy looking ‘skin-head’ approached us as we were in the wooded area, claiming to be a policemen off duty (that’s why he didn’t have his badge). He asked us for our names, where we were from, and then told us he ‘could have’ run checks on us (checks for what? Did he think we wanted to bomb this lost cause of a town?). Anyway, he unfortunately didn’t have his badge on him, nor any uniform, or any proof whatsoever that he was a member of the fuzz. So we were free to continue our adventure, which ended not too long after that when we realised our lecture started four minutes ago.


~ by georgejoshuaharrison on February 5, 2010.

One Response to “Small Towns”

  1. come on george, you need to write a paragraph about them! lets not slack now xxx

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