The Youth Of Today

While walking around the Hanley area, I found it difficult to decide on a ‘Local Interest Story’ to cover. It wasn’t as much a consistent lack of material but a lack of intrigue on my part, I just couldn’t find anything that I could connect with and show the genuine ‘interest’ I was primarily looking for. After endlessly roaming and just coming to a complete lack of motivation I stumbled across Dazed. Dazed Retail LTD, launched in 2001, is a store which stocks a fine yet niche collection of clothing, footwear and skateboard decks. Instantly I was captivated, I hadn’t a clue anything of this sort would be on sale in Stoke-on-Trent, I was obviously wrong. After browsing the goods and conversing with some of the staff, I found the store did more than just sell skate wear but it actually strives in bringing the skate community together.

Drew, an employee had this to say:”It’s more than just a skate shop, it’s a place where kids can get away from troubles they would find outside of home.” He told me how the store would fill with youths from around the area and they would just literally ‘chill out’ which to my surprise was simply fine by the staff, they would even promote it. I’d never heard of a store allowing youths to come and find safe heaven within their store. Dazed is different, Dazed are an inspiration. Though this community may be small within the Stoke area, it doesn’t mean that it has no strength.

Around four years ago, the council built a stake plaza within the confines of Hanley park. The community immediately grew and became stronger because they had someplace to practice their sport but most importantly their passion. However, what they told us at Dazed was that, yes the plaza is great but the english weather is just so impractical and this somewhat renders the facilities dysfunctional because of the wet surfaces which cause endangerment to health. What the community really needs in an indoor or covered section in which the youths could use all year around. But away from and above all the negatives Dazed does it’s best in bringing together a community under one roof out of the cold and out of trouble.


~ by georgejoshuaharrison on November 25, 2009.

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